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Brush 290125 viewsBlackpool Brush Tram 290 which entered service in August 1937 is now used as an exhibition car.
Balloon 71793 viewsBalloon 717 which entered service in December 1934 sits in Rigby Road depot.
Blackpool and Fleetwood Box 4097 viewsThe tram way north towards Fleetwood was originally a separate company, the Blackpool and Fleetwood Tram company. Introduced into service in April 1914, Tram 40 beautifully restored stands in Rigby Road depot.
Birkenhead Corporation Tram 2096 viewsBirkenhead Corporation Tram 20 introduced in 1900 sits in Rigby Road depot.
Blackpool Boat 230 George Formby CBE95 viewsBoat 230 sits at the back of the depot. Introduced into service in August 1934, its restoration was paid for by the George Formby society.
Blackpool Brush 631100 viewsBrush 631 which entered service in August 1937 sits at the front in Rigby Depot. The shed was built under the pretence that it would be an exhibition hall, and apart from one dog show it has served as a depot ever since,
Blackpool Brush 634102 viewsBrush 634 introduced into service in September 1937 at Rigby Road.
Illuminated Western Train + Coach132 viewsTrams 733 and 734 form the illuminated Western Train and coach, introduced into service in September 1962, 55 years ago this month.
Blackpool Brush 62591 viewsBrush 625 introduced in to service in July 1937 sits at Rigby Road depot.
Blackpool Standard 147141 viewsBlackpool Standard 147 Michael Airey entered service in June 1924. Exported to the USA it sat there unused for many years due to a height issue. Michael Airey reimported it to Blackpool. It is pictured in the paint area of Rigby Depot receiving attention to the upper sides.
Corporation badge94 viewsThe badge of the Blackpool Corporation Transport is shown on the side of Tram 147.
Advertising93 viewsOld adverts announce what would have been upcoming illumination rides.
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