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Lytham 4392 viewsIntroduced in 1924, Lytham 43 served as a mess coach for many years before being rescued minus its 4 wheel bogies. It is hoped to source replacement bogies and restore it to running condition. Just visible behind is ex-Glasgow 1016 dating from 1904 which is substantially complete in terms of parts although not yet assembled.
Blackpool Boat 227128 viewsOpen Boat 227 sits in Rigby Road depot. 227 was introduced into service in July 1934.
Scale Model of 4078 viewsA scale model of Blackpool 40 is kept in Rigby Road depot.
Balloon 70377 viewsBlackpool Balloon 703 has returned after an extended sojourn at Beamish Open Air Museum masquerading as Sunderland Tram 101. It requires wheel retiring before being re-liveried as a Blackpool tram again. Introduced into service in September 1934 it stands in the wheel lathe area at Rigby Road.
Cab of Tram 700108 viewsView of the driver's section in Balloon Tram 700.
Flexity 004122 viewsNew Blackpool tram 004 was introduced in April 2012. Over five years later it has over 630,000 km on the clock and stands at the new depot at Starr Gate.
Starr Gate Depot123 viewsThe impressive depot building at Starr Gate, purposely built for the new flexity tram fleet.
Balloon 700123 viewsBalloon 700 having disgorged its passengers visiting the Starr Gate tram depot, waits to depart back to Rigby Road.
Flexity 00874 viewsFlexity 008 sits inside the Starr Gate depot.
Flexity Bogies74 viewsA set of Flexity Bogies receive attention in the Starr Gate workshop.
OH maintenance 109 viewsOverhead Maintenance is provided by this vehicle parked in Starr Gate depot. Looking as if it has just come out of the box.
Starr Gate Stabling78 viewsFlexity trams 002 and 006 rest between shifts in the stabling section of Starr Gate depot.
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