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Sanding74 viewsSand provided from Germany is refilled into Flexity trams at this point. Sea spray is particularly problematic as it causes wheel slip, the newer trams use computer control to sand the wheels that are slipping rather than all at once, a more economical approach.
Two different rides111 viewsThe newer Flexity tram 001 passes a slightly more exciting ride at the Pleasure beach.
Pleasure Beach126 viewsBrush 623 introduced in July 1937 sits alongside Balloon 713 at the Pleasure Beach, awaiting its next turn.
Bolton 6678 viewsBolton Corporation 66 at the Pleasure Beach loop awaiting its next service.
Boat and Brush80 viewsBlackpool Boat 600 sits alongside Brush 621 (introduced in July 1937) as they await their next turn at the Pleasure Beach.
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