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Last additions - Blackpool 23 September 2017
Blackpool Boat 227122 viewsOpen Boat 227 sits in Rigby Road depot. 227 was introduced into service in July 1934.Sep 24, 2017
Pleasure Beach119 viewsBrush 623 introduced in July 1937 sits alongside Balloon 713 at the Pleasure Beach, awaiting its next turn.Sep 24, 2017
Brush 290118 viewsBlackpool Brush Tram 290 which entered service in August 1937 is now used as an exhibition car.Sep 24, 2017
Blackpool Standard 147134 viewsBlackpool Standard 147 Michael Airey entered service in June 1924. Exported to the USA it sat there unused for many years due to a height issue. Michael Airey reimported it to Blackpool. It is pictured in the paint area of Rigby Depot receiving attention to the upper sides.Sep 24, 2017
Balloon 700115 viewsBalloon 700 having disgorged its passengers visiting the Starr Gate tram depot, waits to depart back to Rigby Road.Sep 24, 2017
Starr Gate Depot116 viewsThe impressive depot building at Starr Gate, purposely built for the new flexity tram fleet.Sep 24, 2017
Flexity 004114 viewsNew Blackpool tram 004 was introduced in April 2012. Over five years later it has over 630,000 km on the clock and stands at the new depot at Starr Gate.Sep 24, 2017
Illuminated Western Train + Coach125 viewsTrams 733 and 734 form the illuminated Western Train and coach, introduced into service in September 1962, 55 years ago this month.Sep 24, 2017
Two different rides104 viewsThe newer Flexity tram 001 passes a slightly more exciting ride at the Pleasure beach.Sep 24, 2017
Cab of Tram 700102 viewsView of the driver's section in Balloon Tram 700.Sep 24, 2017
OH maintenance 101 viewsOverhead Maintenance is provided by this vehicle parked in Starr Gate depot. Looking as if it has just come out of the box.Sep 24, 2017
Blackpool Brush 63495 viewsBrush 634 introduced into service in September 1937 at Rigby Road.Sep 24, 2017
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